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Levski Ball could quit the national championship

Levski Ball could quit the national championship
13.12.2014 23:47

The club do not have enough money to pay the hall rent for the next month

No money, no match

No money, no match
10.12.2014 23:26

Sliven will not travel to Sofia for the match against CSKA due financial difficulties

Varna and Sofia will be the Bulgarian host cities of Euro 2015

Varna and Sofia will be the Bulgarian host cities of Euro 2015
27.11.2014 00:44

Milan and Torino will host the battles in Italy

Vladimir Kozuytkin will not be head coach of the Lionesses

Vladimir Kozuytkin will not be head coach of the Lionesses
19.11.2014 09:02

His successor could be Dragan Nesic

BVF will support Slavia to get 180 000 euro from Matey Kaziyski

Junior Eurovision song contest final countdown, vote for Krisia, Hasan and Ibrahim (VIDEO)

VC Maritza insists: Free Ghoncheh Ghavami!

Lubomir Gerasimov: We will play our European matches with only two trainings per week

No changes of head coaches in the Bulgarian national teams

Pirin with a last-minute signing

European volleyball family remembers Denitza Krivova again

Good news! Levski will particpate in the Bulgarian championship

Dark clouds over the future of Levski Ball

Salparov still waits for his work visa to join Zenit

Todor Valchev returns to Marek Union-Ivkoni

Boyan Yordanov underwent successful surgery

Maritsa adds well-known names to roster before third edition of Kupa Plovdiv

Plamen Konstantinov will be head coach of the Lions till the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro

Vladimir Nikolov out of the Bulgarian squad for the World Championship in Poland

Georgi and Valentin will not be part of the roster for the World Championship

Flying debut for Plamen Konstantinov as a head coach of Bulgaria

Nikolay Uchikov with a huge transfer to UNCP

Plamen Konstantinov announced his roster for World Championship in Poland

Vladimir Nikolov returns on the field for Bulgaria

Guberniya signed Victor Yosifov

Plamen Konstantinov appointed as head coach of Bulgaria

Noliko signed Bulgarian rookie

Placi resigns as head coach of Bulgaria, Naydenov takes over

Niki Jeliazkov: To achieve something meaningful, we must be able to beat anybody

Nikolay Nikolov got an emergency call for the matches against USA

Injury leaves Bulgaria’s national champion off Continental Cup line-up

Bulgaria will miss three players in the away matches of the World League

Bulgaria with a though win against Australia

A warm welcome to the USA team in Varna

Ivanov - out, Ivanov - in, for Bulgaria’s Youth Olympic team

Levski with golden double!

Six new names in Bulgaria`s roster for the World League 2014

Bulgarian national women`s team started its preparation

Camilo Placi selected 16 players for the first camp of the Bulgarian national team

Marek conquered the title for a third time in a row!

Little drama at the semis - Marek and Levski reahed the final!

A surprise nomination for assistant of Vladimir Kuzyutkin

CSKA – Levski is women`s final!

CVC Gabrovo and CSKA reached semifinals in two games

Levski conquered its 17th Kupa Bulgaria

Thrilling matches decided the playoff spots in the last round

Vladimir Kuzyutkin succeeds Marcello Abbondanza at the helm of the Lionesses

CSKA head coach fined 4000 leva

Pirin - CSKA game suspended

Bulgarian government to fund new sports hall for Marek Union-Ivkoni

Dobrudzha thrills home fans by making it to the Kupa Bulgariya semifinals

Victoria Volley is the only surviving second-tier team in Kupa Bulgariya quarterfinals

2014 Kupa Bulgariya runs from today through Thursday

Mira Todorova joins Volero

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