Matey Kaziyski: We Will Try to Compensate by Winning the Italian Championship

Matey Kaziyski: We Will Try to Compensate by Winning the Italian Championship
20-03-2012 11:41 | Nikolay Markov

Italian Trentino PlanetWin365 Trento took bronze from this year’s men’s Champions League, but after three seasons of being on top, this was conceived as a failure, rather than success.  Trentino’s Bulgarian star Matey Kaziyski spoke with correspondent Magda Smith from after the end of the Final Four clashes in Lodz, Poland about the disappointment, about what comes next and about his plans with the Bulgarian national team later on.
- What part of your performance during this year′s Final Four could have been improved and what are you proud of?
- Well, it is definitely the first match that we could have played better.  Our approach was fine, we were really charged, really motivated, but our will to win, for example, should have gone on until the end of the match, not until the end of the first set.  Because after that we were not the same team, we did not play the same way as in the first set.
- Is this result a great disappointment or just a disappointment?
- Just a disappointment.  Because even though we did not qualify as we planned and we did not play in the final for the fourth time, it is important for us that we were here.  Despite not being winners this year we were close and we have our hopes for next year.
- In club competition you are not that used to having this color of the medal...
- Well, it is not entirely true.  I won bronze six years ago with Russian Dinamo Moscow in the Champions League so it is in fact my second third place in this competition.  It is not necessarily something to be proud of, but it is a consolation.
- Is it true that it feels better to win bronze than to win silver?
- I would prefer silver if you ask me right now, but who knows, maybe losing the last match is more difficult than winning the last one.
- And now?
- Now we have to concentrate on our championship in Italy.  Hopefully we will do it in the right way in order to forget the disappointment from Lodz and compensate with a great victory in the Italian championship.  It will be very difficult, of course, and we have to try very hard.
- Do you think that losing in Lodz will be more of a motivation or a stress factor for you?
- I think a little bit of both because we are not used to losing, but I am still proud that after losing the game with Zenit our team came back and played a good match for the bronze even though it was not our goal in the first place.
- When do you start preparation with Bulgaria’s national team for the Olympic Qualification?
- Immediately after we finish our club season and that depends on how far we go into the playoffs.
- What is your goal for the national team this season?
- First and most important is to qualify for the Olympics.  This is the main goal this year and I think everybody will agree with that.  And then good performance during the World League.
- What are your chances to qualify from Sofia?
- I think they are good and I believe that playing in Sofia will be of great help to us.  Lots of fans will support us and I believe there will be an amazing atmosphere in competition hall and I am waiting to see what will happen.
- What do you have to do to achieve it as a team?
- We will have to push ourselves, to be ready to play our best in a very very short amount of time because there will be not much time for preparation.  I hope that with the help of our fans and with the help of the whole team we can achieve it.
- Any known changes to the team from the previous year?
- Not known yet.  I think there will be a few different names, but the actual players who will participate I do not know.
- Do you think that with hosting the Olympic Qualification and the World League Finals in Sofia you will be able to win both?
- I honestly do not know but for sure we will try.  We will do our best considering that they both are great and difficult competitions.  But as I said, our main goal is to qualify for the Olympics.
- One of the foreign players I spoke with said it will be easier for you to qualify in Sofia because you will have line referees supporting you...
- We do not rely on the referees to be honest and I do not know how much help they will be.  Maybe it was like this in the past, but it was like this all over the world.  In some other countries line referees tend to help the host team.  But, anyway, I do not think it is like this right now either in Bulgaria or anywhere.
- Do you think the challenge system introduced here during the Final Four would help?
- Yes, I think so.  To be honest, from what I see it needs perfecting and clarifying the way it works but it is definitely something that could benefit the sport and the spectators.

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